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Love and Other Acts of Courage


A freighter collides with a yacht and abandons the survivors. A couple is left behind by a dive boat.

These are the dramatic events that force changes in maritime attorney Max Gildea’s carefully organized life where win, lose, or settle out of court he gets paid and paid handsomely. As he represents the only survivor of the yacht sinking and gets involved in the search for the couple missing from a dive trip, his reawakening emotions catapult him into the chaos of joy and sorrow that are the necessary ingredients of a fully lived life.

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Praise for Love and Other Acts of Courage

I was very taken with the sweeping narrative of this latest tale from the pen of Ann Warner. I consider that anything Ann writes is worth reading, and I was not disappointed with Love and Other Acts of Courage. The confident and vivid plot, the characterizations and dialogue were all neat and convincing.

Sitting in my armchair in the depths of a grey, northern winter, I especially appreciated the bright, colorful setting and drama. An engaging, absorbing read.

Fran Macilvey, author of Trapped


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Doubtful Sound, New Zealand. For Dr. Van Peters, Doubtful is a retreat after a false accusation all but ends her scientific career. For journalist David Christianson, Doubtful is a place of respite after a personal tragedy is followed by an unwelcome notoriety.

Neither is looking for love or even friendship. Both want only to make it through another day.

But when violence comes to Doubtful, Van and David’s only chance of survival will be each other.

Appropriate for all readers.

Endorsed by Compulsion Reads.


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Praise for Doubtful

Doubtful is a refreshing romance with an uncommon depth and enough action and adventure to pull in non-romance readers. One of the things I absolutely loved about this book is that both David and Van felt like real people. Far from the typical gorgeous, petulant romance heroine, Van is a brainy, stubborn and strong woman who doesn’t color her gray hair and who favors microscopes over makeup. As for David, well, I now appreciate tie-dye boxers in a whole new light. Doubtful goes down as warm and smooth as chicken soup on a cold winter day. NF, Compulsion Reads

...a wonderfully-written story with well-rounded and real characters in a setting that Ann evokes with such detail and sensibility you are instantly transported to this remote New Zealand coast. I love Ann's writing style - intelligent and unsentimental with characters you are rooting for to the very end. J. Close, Ohio

Ann Warner's books have everything anyone could want in an enjoyable reading experience, intrigue, romance, friendship, drama and many interesting twists and turns. P.Young, Kansas.

This book has the lot - mystery, suspense, romance and something extra I enjoyed as an Australian reader - I found myself lingering over Warner's vivid descriptions of places I've never seen but would love to visit in Australia and New Zealand. Juli Townsend, Author of Absent Children





Art, science, love, and ambition collide as a dancer on the verge of achieving her dreams is devastated by an injury. After the abrupt ending of her career, Clare Eliason rushes into a marriage with Rob Chapin. The marriage soon falters, propelling Clare and Rob on journeys of self-discovery.  
Rob, a scientist, joins an expedition to Peru. Clare's journey is no less profound even though it takes her only a few blocks from the Boston apartment they shared. Each will be given a chance to save a life, one will succeed, one will not, and then they
will face the most difficult quest of all--navigating the space that lies between them.

Appropriate for all readers.

Endorsed by Compulsion Reads.

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Praise for Counterpointe

More than 40 Five-Star reviews on Amazon

Counterpointe is a powerful novel of two lovers who face profound challenges. Each of them is confronted with tragedy, and a human life hanging in the balance. Poignant and insightful, Counterpointe is a compelling dramatic evaluation of what it means to be human, and what it means to love or be loved.  The Midwest Book Review

Counterpointe is not your traditional love story, just as Ann Warner is not your typical author. Ann's brilliant, well-thought-out prose lifts her stories to a higher literary level than most of today's fare. If you're looking for a quick romantic read, this is not the book for you. But if you want a more thoroughly satisfying journey that takes your imagination from tragedy to self-discovery, with all of the tears and joys along the way, you should pick up Counterpointe and prepare to be impressed. Pam Berehulke, Bulletproofing

(a)... novel, full of sweetness, humor and vivid, lifelike characters...a wonderful exploration of two people from different worlds coming together and finding love and building a lasting, realistic relationship with all the complexities, joys and sorrows that entails. Long and Short of it Reviews

I had the privilege of critiquing this book a while back and it's AMAZING! So full of emotion.  Ann digs deep into the soul of her characters to give readers a satisfying story....(she) takes the reader on not one but two journeys. You can't go wrong with this one. Sharon Cullen, Award winning author of eleven bestsellers.

The chemistry between Clare and Rob is crackling. LOVE IT. Kate Moretti author of Thought I Knew You

Reading more of your work is like coming home to a good friend I know I can trust...there is nothing I don't like wrote another brilliant story. Thank you.  Fran McIlvey author of Trapped

...well written tumultuous love story bringing together the disparate worlds of ballet and biochemistry in the relationship of a couple who are tried to the limit of their love.  Maeve Sleibhin, author of Mrs Maginnes is Dead




Absence of Grace

The memory of an act committed when she was nineteen has woven a dark thread through Clen McClendon's life.

It is a darkness Clen ignores until the discovery of her husband's infidelity propels her into a quest for redemption and forgiveness. Leaving her old life, she begins a search for a place to call home and a new way to live. Her journeying provides few answers and peace remains elusive, even during the time she spends in an abbey. Clen then makes the decision that is both desperate and random to go to Wrangell, Alaska.

But choices are never truly random and they always have consequences.

Appropriate for all readers.

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Praise for Absence of Grace

Over 90 Four and Five-Star Reviews on Amazon.

Absence of Grace is a riveting read of personal struggle, very much recommended reading.  Able Greenspan, Midwest Review July 2012

The writing is perfect. Absolutely smooth and divine. Like the best bar of chocolate in the world. Fran Macilvey, Author of Trapped

Love the way this book flowed back and forth like the tide bringing in new finds. Wonderful story of healing and forgiveness. Karen Daniel



Dreams Saga


Book One - Dreams for Stones - 

Indie Next Generation Book Award Finalist

Poignant and haunting, a love story of loss and second chances.

It takes courage to be human. And it especially takes courage to love, knowing that love inevitably opens the door to loss. But what is fascinating about this human conundrum is the hopefulness with which most of us manage it.

But we also live with the possibility of wonderful new beginnings. As an author, that's what pulls me in for closer examination.  Come with me then and meet Alan, a man who has given up on love, and Kathy, a woman who has learned to let go of love too easily. It will take all the magic of serendipity, old diaries, and a children's story to heal these two. 

Appropriate for all readers.

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Praise for Dreams for Stones

I laughed, I cried, I stayed up far too late reading this, and I can hardly wait for the sequel.  Lynne Welch, NoveList

...a lovely story about life changes and love lost and found.  Cindy Himler, Romantic Times

4-Stars I highly recommend this very emotional read. Camellia, Long and Short of It Reviews

...wonderfully gripping.  Joyfully Reviewed

...emotionally charged, complex, multi-layered tale...(a) story within a story within a story that overlaps and intertwines beautifully.  A.D.

...the story simply drew me in and carried me away.  J. Miller, Samhain

...incredibly vivid and emotional tale of love and loyalty, friendship, loss, and faith...  Lynne Welch, Booklist (Spotlight on Romance Issue, 9/14/08)

5-Stars...exceptional reading, highly recommended.   Dee Daily, Romance Studio

5-Stars ... a powerfully emotional and heartfelt story that is sure to touch anyone who reads it. Exceptional characters and very important secondary characters set the stage for this tale. Phenomenal... a book not to be missed. Wateena Coffee Time Romance

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Book Two - Persistence of Dreams  -  

Lost memories and surprising twists of mystery. A love story to make you laugh and cry.

An arsonist seeking revenge and the ending of a love affair are the catalysts that alter the shape and direction of deputy district attorney Charles Larimore's life. Forced to find a new place to live, Charles finds much more as he reaches out to help his neighbor Luz Blair. Then he learns Luz is being sought in the disappearance of the two children she is caring for, and he must decide whether to report her. As he weighs his responsibility as an officer of the court against his growing conviction Luz did the right thing in running away, he risks not only his career but the integrity of his soul.

It is the kind of decision that will alter everything that comes after.  

Some adult content.

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Praise for Persistence of Dreams

4 - Stars  A compelling page turner.  Warner's portrayal of a life on the run is realistic...her heroine one readers will root for...a true sense of time and place...real secondary characters who do more than take up space.   Karen Sweeny-Justice, Romantic Times.

5 - Stars  Persistence of Dreams is a wonderful title that hints at Charles's nightmares... and Luz's elusive memories. Ann Warner's smooth writing style charms the reader....enthralling  --  a story to be enjoyed more than once. Camellia, The Long and Short of It Reviews.

5- Stars Excellent characters and dialogue drive the romance and suspense...great reading. Romance Studio

4 - Stars ...another wonderful story from a terrific author...a romance filled with mystery... (and) the power of love. Once I began reading, I could not stop until I had finished.  Kimberly, Coffee Time Romance

...wonderfully compelling.  I loved the conflict...the little twists of mystery.   J. Miller, Samhain.