A former toxicologist and university professor, Ann Warner is the author of a heartwarming cozy mystery series, a romantic trilogy, and six single titles that have collectively garnered over 10,000 five-star reviews. During her career as a clinical toxicologist, Ann encountered many medical mysteries and intriguing stories that have now found their way into her novels.

Ann’s cozy mystery series follows the adventures and dodgy events in a not so retiring retirement community. In her trilogy and single titles the consequences of choosing to love or not to love is an underlying theme as characters face crises and complications that force them to dig deep within themselves to discover the limits of their own resilience.

Ann lives in Cincinnati, the setting for her cozy mystery series, with her husband. Together they have lived in or traveled to many of the settings found in Ann’s books: New Zealand, Australia, Alaska, Colorado, Kansas, Boston, and Puerto Rico.

Hear Ann talk about her writing in the following Friday Talk at Ten interview with Joan Bryden.


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