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A heart-warming and humorous cozy mystery series, with over 1000 five-star reviews, about troubled relationships, questionable choices, art theft, and other dodgy dealings in a not-so-retiring retirement community.

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A morose parrot with a reputation for biting sums up Brookside Retirement Community for reluctant resident, Josephine Bartlett. But when Brookside turns out to be a setting for art theft, dodgy dealings, and…naked poker it becomes vastly more interesting. Josephine investigates the unusual goings on with friend and handwriting expert, Lill Fitzel. And the two befriend a young woman Josephine tries to prevent from making the same mistakes she has made.

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Josephine, Devi, and Mac’s story continues. Devi and Mac are falling in love, but a complication comes along in the form of Mac’s pregnant ex-wife. As for Josephine, with the excitement of unmasking the Brookside thief and Devi’s being shot now over, she’s finding Brookside Retirement Community (aka Babbling Brook) as dull as she initially expected it to be. Until, that is, she gets involved with a man who suspects her of being a criminal mastermind. Finding love at this late date is something Josephine never expected, and it’s her Edward Hopper painting that plays matchmaker.


Josephine Bartlett is back, joined by a colorful cast of friends: her partner in mystery-solving, Lill Fitzel, flamboyant ex-beauty queen, Myrtle Grabinowitz, former attorney/current novelist, Philippa Scott Williamson, Brookside’s thief, Edna Prisant, good friends Devi and Mac McElroy, and last, but not least, love-interest Norman Neumann.

When new resident, Lottie Watson, loses at Naked Poker, she tells a bizarre story about her husband disappearing in the LA airport. Josephine and Lill, intrigued enough to investigate, discover there are more ominous goings-on than a simple disappearance. Meanwhile, Josephine ignores the mysteries of her own heart.


A forty-year-old art heist with repercussions in the present is the catalyst for yet another adventure for the Naked Poker Club.

Newlyweds Josephine and Norman are moving into their new home in the Brookside Retirement Community when they receive a letter containing a clue to a forty-year-old heist that netted paintings worth over one hundred million dollars. Norman, who has spent a career recovering stolen art, can’t resist the appeal of the mysterious clue which leads to another adventure for Josephine and friends.


Maddie Scott is a mystery. To herself as well as to the Babbling Brook Naked Poker Club bunch. Josephine and Norman met Maddie after they helped Agatha, Maddie’s adoptive mother, return stolen art worth over three hundred million dollars.

The return of the art generated publicity which poses a risk to Maddie from angry collectors her adoptive father scammed with fake paintings. Seeking safety, Maddie moves to Cincinnati, where, with Josephine’s help, she obtains a position as an art restorer at the Cincinnati Art Museum. She moves in with Devi and Mac who with their toddlers, Lily and Toby, are currently house-sitting a mini-mansion.

Maddie knows nothing about her past since Agatha refused to give her any hint of who her biological parents were, but then Maddie discovers a key that opens a safe deposit box containing a bracelet with a mysterious engraving.

As Maddie unravels the clues from the bracelet with the help of Oliver Gwynn, a colleague who specializes in antiquities, a mysterious man hovers in the background asking his own questions about Maddie. The rest of the Babbling Brook bunch play their parts in protecting Maddie and helping her solve the mystery of her past, each contributing in their own unique way: Myrtle with her snooping and swoops of inspiration, Lillian with a hat, Devi and Mac with friendship and a home, and Josephine and Norman with unswerving support.