A freighter collides with a yacht and abandons the survivors. A couple is left behind by a dive boat. These are the dramatic events that force changes in maritime attorney Max Gildea’s carefully organized life where win, lose, or settle out of court he gets paid and paid handsomely. As he represents the only survivor of the yacht sinking and gets involved in the search for the couple missing from a dive trip, his reawakening emotions catapult him into the chaos of joy and sorrow that are the necessary ingredients of a fully lived life.


Awarded 5 Stars by Readers’ Favorite

Wishing Shelf Independent Book Award Finalist

I was very taken with the sweeping narrative of this latest tale. The confident and vivid plot, the characterizations and dialogue were all neat and convincing. Sitting in my armchair in the depths of a grey, northern winter, I especially appreciated the bright, colorful setting and drama. An engaging, absorbing read.Fran Macilvey, author of Trapped

A lovely book. Julie Evett

Love and Other Acts of Courage gives the basic love story a fresh, new twist, with fascinating details about maritime law and the consequences of others’ heartless actions. Ann’s prose is like sailing on smooth seas, and the troubles she throws at her characters create a perfect storm. Shelley Nolden

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