Art, science, love, and ambition collide as a dancer on the verge of achieving her dreams is devastated by an injury. After the abrupt ending of her career, Clare Eliason rushes into a marriage with Rob Chapin. The marriage soon falters, propelling Clare and Rob on journeys of self-discovery.  Rob, a scientist, joins an expedition to Peru. Clare’s journey is no less profound even though it takes her only a few blocks from the Boston apartment they shared. Each will be given a chance to save a life, one will succeed, one will not, and then they will face the most difficult quest of all–navigating the space that lies between them.


 Warner has done an amazing job at creating in-depth characters that react to life’s challenges like real people…a great book.  Compulsion Reads Review

Counterpointe is a powerful novel of two lovers who face profound challenges. Each of them is confronted with tragedy, and a human life hanging in the balance. Poignant and insightful, Counterpointe is a compelling dramatic evaluation of what it means to be human, and what it means to love or be loved.  The Midwest Book Review

(a)… novel, full of sweetness, humor and vivid, lifelike characters…a wonderful exploration of two people from different worlds coming together and finding love and building a lasting, realistic relationship with all the complexities, joys and sorrows that entails. Long and Short of it Reviews  


Counterpointe is available exclusively from Amazon in electronic and print editions. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can read Counterpointe on any phone, tablet, or computer after downloading the Kindle Reading App.